Bio - Glen Starek


     I have been shooting on and off for over 40 years. In 1980 through 1984 I got serious and actually took photography classes at Montgomery Community College and then at University of Maryland. My goal at that time was to be a war correspondent. But that was all that it was, a goal, as marriage and then the pride of my life,  my son, came to be. Photography then took a back seat though I did stay current by shooting at Summit Point Raceway and I did landscapes in the Blue Ridge and Contoctin Mountains (where I mistakenly ended up inside the grounds of Camp David and was in for a bit of a surprise when 3 Marines appeared out of no where and kindly escorted me back to the road. They were so helpful.).

     Years later I found myself outside of Seattle Washington. I was offered a position shooting both big cats (cougars, bob cats and lynx) as well as birds of prey. It was an incredible experience to say the least. I lived for a time in Joseph, Oregon shooting mostly birds of prey in and around Hell's Canyon. 

     I moved back "home" to South Carolina where I once again found myself shooting motorsports. Though a different type. Dirt tracks and I became very familiar with one another. From Virginia to Floriday, North and South Carolina, Kentucky and Tennesee, Ohio and Iowa, I pretty much hit them all. I did attend a few NASCAR events during this time as well.

     Recently I have joined with the CARS Tour out of North Carolina as the series photographer and asphalt racing got hold of me. I was offered and took a position as an ARCA series photographer and I shoot for Dick Berggren's Speedway Illustrated (that I feel is the best motorsports publication out there). I have also done more NASCAR events this past season as well. 

     I have been fortunate to have shot Clemson Football,  University of South Carolina Football, UNC Football as well as NC State and Duke Football and enjoyed it very much. But motorsports is what I love.


     I shoot exclusively with Canon equipment. It is the brand I used way back when and have stuck with it since. I currently have 2 1DX and 1 MkIV that are my main cameras. I have lens from wide angle zoom to fixed 500mm. Though I find myself mostly using the 24-105, 70-200, 100-400 and my go to lens a 300. At night I do use a flash as I feel it makes the cars stand out and the colors pop just a bit more. 

See you at the races!